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Elk Creek Water Level Data From USGS

  • Flow: 3.2 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 1.65 ft


  1. Jon Mucka says:

    Obviously not that it matters right now… but I’ve always thought it would be nice if on the bottom with the weather there was the brandy run USGS cfs gauge

    • unclejadmin says:

      I placed the data below our Webcam, take a look and let us know what you think.

      • Bob Smith says:

        Thank you very much for providing the Webcam. It is very helpful to us steelhead fishermen and enjoyable to look at during these cold winter days! I see you have added the Brady Run Water Level Data. Can you tell me to optimum level for steelhead fishing?
        Thanks again

        • unclejadmin says:

          I would say that is a matter of opinion but I personally like the level at 1.5 to 2.0. We welcome any feedback from other anglers of what their ideal water height is.

        • Ben Knight says:

          My family and are planning an Erie trip this weekend. My oldest boy really wants to fish. Is there any fish in the creeks at this time? what would you say is the best bait? Or should we just try the lake? and what bait would you suggest?

          • unclejadmin says:

            If you like ice fishing there are always fish, there is some open water on the creeks as well but be careful getting to it. Bait is random some people like fake minnows, some prefer live bait.

      • Mike Harvell says:

        UncleJohn, I like your changes to the site; hope to come up to fish this March and stay at your place if weather breaks like three years ago. My drive is 11 hours from Greenville, SC.

  2. paul says:

    Like what you have done. Is there a way to enlarge the webcam photo on a ipad or phone?

  3. bob marvin says:

    thanks for the web cams and water flow data, really apppreciate it

  4. Jon Mucka says:

    Good stuff!

  5. dave says:

    Very nice idea and the enlarged pictures of the creek are much better. Wish the creek was fishable now

  6. Dave Marko says:

    Erie has two season, July 11 and winter.

  7. Don Cook says:

    Can’t get webcam image from website anyone else having a problem?

  8. Robert Oaks says:

    Water looks awesome.Great idea on web cams.My question, is think it’s worth driving three hours to fish? Any one fishing and if so how’s the catch?

    • unclejadmin says:

      That’s a personal thing whether it is worth the trip. I have heard good reports so far and any day of fishing is a good day.

    • Clint Crowley says:

      Came up Friday, water is colored, slightly milky. We have caught some fish but spotty. Hasn’t been as good as we hoped. Lots of guys on the streams. Compared to othe trips our numbers are down thus far.

  9. ICFL,LLC says:

    The water level seems to be perfect, what is the clarity like? I have heard there are no fish in the creeks, no spring run yet. I find that hard to believe especially after this blow out. Any opinions?

    • unclejadmin says:

      Guys were hooking earlier, there are fish in the creek.

      • Ted says:

        There r fish in the creeks. You gotta fish slow and cover each hole thoroughly. Fished one hole for 45 mins. Then caught 4 fish in the next hour. That was upper sections. Also have seen fish moving up the streams.

        • unclejadmin says:

          Thanks Ted, we appreciate the report and thanks to all you guys for watching our webcam.

          Uncle Johns

  10. Bob Cox says:

    I like your web cams and now the water levels.

    What do I have to do to park my car at your campground? If your not there what then??



    • unclejadmin says:

      If you want to park and Fish and we’re not there, Drop $5 in the white box on the rail in front of the office. We are there most days now that the weather has broke but you can always call me as well. 814-774-8672.
      Uncle Johns

  11. joseph bright says:

    did anyone see unidentified red objects at the tunnel

  12. Bill Little says:

    Yes I seen the red object’s at the tunnel, also a large beam of light coming straight down on the left side of the old stone bridge wall. I thought I was seeing things.

  13. Bill Little says:

    Just replaying back the question that Joseph bright ask I did see it.

  14. jb says:

    just watched 1 landed ty unkle john

    • unclejadmin says:

      look at the home page slideshow. I added a photo from today of the red aliens or steelhead spirits whichever you prefer

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Welcome to Uncle Johns Elk Creek Campground