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Elk Creek Water Level Data From USGS

  • Water Level: 1.64 ft


  1. Jon Mucka says:

    Obviously not that it matters right now… but I’ve always thought it would be nice if on the bottom with the weather there was the brandy run USGS cfs gauge

    • unclejadmin says:

      I placed the data below our Webcam, take a look and let us know what you think.

      • Bob Smith says:

        Thank you very much for providing the Webcam. It is very helpful to us steelhead fishermen and enjoyable to look at during these cold winter days! I see you have added the Brady Run Water Level Data. Can you tell me to optimum level for steelhead fishing?
        Thanks again

  2. paul says:

    Like what you have done. Is there a way to enlarge the webcam photo on a ipad or phone?

    • unclejadmin says:

      Rotate your phone to horizontal and the cams will go fullscreen. I can look at some other ways to allow you to zoom in and out on the image.

      • RoySG says:

        I appreciate the constant upkeep on the webcam. I live in lake city now but the webcam gives you a pretty good idea about conditions and addind brandy gauge is the best way to know so they go hand in hand. Best days for me have usually been between 1.65 and 1.8.

    • unclejadmin says:

      you can now use pinch to zoom, 2 fingers on the screen and spread them apart to enlarge the image.

  3. bob marvin says:

    thanks for the web cams and water flow data, really apppreciate it

  4. Jon Mucka says:

    Good stuff!

  5. dave says:

    Very nice idea and the enlarged pictures of the creek are much better. Wish the creek was fishable now

  6. Dave Marko says:

    Erie has two season, July 11 and winter.

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Welcome to Uncle Johns Elk Creek Campground